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       Máy bơm TOHATSU VC72AS
     Giá :   Liên hệ
     Bảo hành:  12 tháng
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    Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

    1. Light weight and compact 
    Engine and pump castings are made of anti-corrosive aluminum-alloy to reduce weight and prolong 
    working life. Compact unit in its class fits existing locker space, also can be carried by 2 firemen.

    2. High pump performance 
    Both engine and pump are designed and developed specifically for fire pumps by Tohatsu, ensuring 
    higher pump performance for its class.

    3. Reliable engine with oil injection/auto mixing oil delivery system 
    The engine of VC72AS is originally designed by Tohatsu for VC52AS/72AS models. Equipped with oil 
    pump, gasoline and engine oil are mixed automatically at a precise ratio to engine speed without mixing 
    fuel and oil by operator.

    4. Priming 
    Quick priming is provided by operating Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump. Prime 3 meters in 6 seconds.

    5. Centralized control 
    All gauges, throttle dial, control switches, and other warning lamps are grouped on the control panel for 
    easy operation.

    6. Cooling water recirculation system 
    Engine cooling water is returned to the pump eliminating discharge outside of the pump, and 
    contamination of surrounding area.

    7. Unique auto choke carburetor 
    This device helps engine start easier in all seasonal temperature conditions.

    8. Engine overheat protection sensor 
    Overheat protection is provided on this model to safeguard the engine from cooling water loss, 
    and to protect engine when water is not discharging. This device stops the engine automatically 
    when engine temperature reaches 80℃. Reset switch is provided to release the sensor after 
    it stops the engine.

    9. Stainless steel fuel tank 
    Integrated fuel tank with large capacity of 18liters ensures the fuel supply will last for 1.5 hours at least 
    at maximum throttle opening and load.

    10. 180degree rotating discharge port

    11. Electric starter with back up recoil starter 
    An electric starter and back-up recoil starter are installed to guarantee starting engine under any 

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    12 tháng
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